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24 hours a day, seven days a week


Raubex Group Limited is committed to conduct healthy business practices with honesty and integrity, which will not only ensure a stable employment environment for everyone but also ensure the continued future success of the Group. For this reason, Raubex has subscribed to a service that will enable all stakeholders, but most specifically everyone who is employed by the Group, to report anonymously on any fraud or unethical behaviour. Raubex Group Fraud Line involves the professional services from Deloitte and is therefore totally independent of Raubex Group. No one will therefore ever know who reported the fraud or dishonest and inappropriate behaviour.

How does it work?

  • Anyone can contact the Raubex Group Fraud Line by dialling the dedicated telephone numbers, or via e-mail and the website. All these facilities are independently managed by Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous.
  • Trained operators, using sophisticated contact centre equipment, will respond to in the respective languages as per the table below.
  • Operators will interview callers, probing for specific facts so as to record as much information and understand things as clearly as possible.
  • The information is then analysed and forwarded to designated senior officials of the company who will decide on corrective action to be taken.
  • Although you may choose to tell Tip-offs Anonymous who you are, the Tip-off report will never reveal your identity or even your gender (unless you choose your identity to be made known to the company!).

Don’t support it, report it!

Make the real difference and report what you know to Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous for the good of everyone.

Please contact the Raubex Group Fraud Line today to report any fraud or unethical behavior:

Country Number Other Information Language

1 800 633 293

Toll-free access from fixed line only.

Accessible from most mobile networks - mobile rates may apply

English 24/7

71 119 602 (Mascom)

0800 600 644 (BTC)

1144 (Orange)

Each number is only toll-free and accessible from the respective corresponding network

English 24/7,
SeTswana during SA business hours Mondays to Fridays 08:00 – 17:00 CAT

Namibia 0800 015 005 Toll-free number accessible from Namibia Telecoms English 24/7
Oshiwambo and Otjiherero during Namibian business hours Mondays to Fridays 08:00 – 17:00 CAT with voicemail afterhours.
Afrikaans during SA business hours Mondays to Fridays 08:00 – 17:00 CAT
South Africa 0800 205 314

Toll-free number, toll free access from all networks

English 24/7
All other 10 official languages during SA business hours Mondays to Fridays 08:00 – 17:00 CAT
Zimbabwe 0864 404 1104 Local Zimbabwe number. Accessible from most networks at normal call rates within Zimbabwe 


English 24/7
+27 31 571 8993 South African number.  Accessible from most networks at international call rates to South Africa  
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