The Roads and Earthworks Division specialises in road construction and earthworks as well as road surfacing and rehabilitation. This includes the laying of asphalt, chip and spray, surface dressing, enrichments and slurry seals.



Raubex Construction is a road and civil infrastructure construction company with over 45 years of experience in the industry. It has notable project management expertise and a reputation for delivering effective and specialised solutions under local industry conditions. Whether delivering a standalone project or bringing strength as part of a Raubex team, Raubex Construction consistently demonstrates its flexibility, creativity and ability to deliver a standard of service and quality of product that underpins the longevity of its customer relationships.

Raubex has an extensive network of long-term relationships with goods and services suppliers. Project management teams are well resourced and skilled, built around experienced and tested engineers, technologists, artisans and safety officers. Raubex contracts include government-related bodies such as local municipalities, provinces and SANRAL, as well as the mining and energy sector.

The company’s key areas of competence include new road construction, pavement rehabilitation by deep milling, concrete structures, steel structures, pipelines, dams and service networks.

Raubex Construction established a branch in Namibia in 2009 for the upgrading of the 236km road from Rundu to Elundu in northern Namibia. After the successful completion of this project, activities in Namibia continued with the award of various new contracts across the country.

Raubex Construction Zambia was established in 2004 and specialises in civil works, completing several contracts in Zambia and Malawi. There is an established office in Lusaka from where operations in East and Central Africa are directed. Raubex Zambia also cooperates with other companies in the Group on fibre, concrete and pipeline contracts.

Both Raubex Construction Namibia and Raubex Construction Zambia have full backing and access to all the expertise from Raubex Construction and the wider Group.

Key services

  • Construction of new roads and highways
  • Upgrading of existing roads
  • Rehabilitation of existing roads
  • Construction of airport runways and associated infrastructure
  • Construction of bridges
  • Construction of concrete pavements
  • Rehabilitation of concrete structures



Raubex KZN was formed through the amalgamation of three in-house companies namely, Roadmac Surfacing KZN, Phambili Road Surfacing and Space Construction. In 2020, Raubex KZN acquired the operations of Milling Techniks, previously a separate subsidiary in the Group, in order to bulk up the company’s road rehabilitation expertise.

Raubex KZN’s primary mandate is to provide contracting services to various private and public clients in the eastern region of South Africa. The company specialises in a wide range of construction activities including bulk roads and earthworks operations, infrastructure development, road rehabilitation, asphalt surfacing and road re-seals.

The client base ranges from public bodies such as the Department of Transport, SANRAL, Transnet, eThekwini Municipality and other municipalities, to private clients and developers. Raubex KZN is considered a market leader in its prescribed field and aims to be a professional, capable and responsible contractor consistently providing quality workmanship within the required timeframes.

Key services

  • Greenfields bulk earthworks and road construction
  • Road rehabilitation
  • Road re-seals
  • Asphalt operations
  • Slurry seals
  • Infrastructure development
  • Asphalt milling
  • Fine milling (planing of asphalt and concrete surfaces)
  • In-situ cement stabilisation
  • In-situ bitumen stabilisation
  • Production of in-plant mixed bitumen stabilised material ("BSM") using recovered asphalt ("RA")
  • Placement of BSM with pavers as base course layer on road



Roadmac Surfacing (RMS) specialises in bituminous surfacing and is the largest contractor in this market in southern Africa. The company is also one of the leading, light road rehabilitation contractors in the region, surfacing over 10 million square metres of road annually. Its fleet of modern equipment and proprietary products reflects the latest technology available.

RMS teams are amongst the best in the industry delivering quality services and products on time and within budget. RMS has, over the years, collected the best talent and skills in the industry with regards to the laying of asphalt, chip and spray, surfacing enrichments, crack sealing and road surfacing rehabilitation.

Key services

  • Asphalt paving
  • Asphalt milling and replacement
  • Pavement recycling
  • Chip and spray
  • Slurry application
  • Surface enrichments
  • Crack sealing
  • Application of dust suppression agents



Roadmac Surfacing Cape (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2001 and operates in the Eastern, Western and Northern Cape. The company takes pride in maintaining a high standard and quality of work, as well as its business ethics, values and integrity.

Roadmac Surfacing Cape employs approximately 500 people and owns a large plant base. The company has a highly skilled workshop maintaining and servicing its plant. Roadmac Surfacing Cape’s success is attributed to a fully committed management team, who are involved hands on with the running of contracts and the ongoing training and development of all employees.

Key services

  • Asphalt overlays
  • Cold in-situ recycling
  • Major road rehabilitation
  • Mill and pave asphalt
  • Rejuvenation of roads
  • Reseals (chip and spray)
  • Slurry seals
  • Greenfields earthworks and road construction



Centremark Roadmarking Pty (Ltd) was established in 2002 and has over 20 years of experience in the roadmarking industry.

We specialize in line marking of solvent-based markings, thermoplastic, cold plastic, and rib line markings. Apart from the solvent paint, we import all our products directly from suppliers in Holland, Belgium, China, and the United Kingdom.

Centremark has a fleet of 4 H33/3 Hofmann Roadmarking Machines and 4 H75 Thermo Hand Machines.

All our machines are palletized to ensure quick change over from one product to another. All our Hofmann Machines are computerised and spray with 3-gun system as per COLTO specification.

Centremark contracts emanate from SANRAL, Government related bodies in various provinces, the Raubex Group as well as from other Construction Companies. Centremark has also worked in Zambia, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

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Key services

  • Temporary and permanent marking of road contracts
  • Thermoplastic / cold plastic road marking
  • Rib line Thermoplastic marking
  • Road stud installation
  • Sand blasting